Vocational Skills Training:

A number of vocational skills programmes are available at ad through the Patsy Helm Social Business Academy, all aimed at fulfilling social business objectives. Training is focussed on employable, job-creating skills for social business and self-employment as opposed to purely academic diplomas and certificates. In fact, we expect our scholars to have already acquired some basic academic credentials before they join us to learn how to become social entrepreneurs, social business operators.

In principle, we do not dictate what to learn but the learners choose their field and we help them get the necessary skills from a master craftsperson who teaches them the tricks of their chosen trade and mentors them. We help the learner to get started as a social business and build his/her network of clients, collaborators, team members and/or impact investors. As an academy, we are in partnership with many skilled business and artisans who provide the mentorship and guidance to our scholars.

Skills available in our community include;

  • motor vehicle mechanics,
  • bricklaying and concrete practice,
  • hairdressing and cosmetology,
  • information technology,
  • building materials and construction services,
  • hotel and catering management,
  • web design,
  • welding and joinery,
  • electrical installation and services,
  • tailoring and fashion design,
  • carpentry and joinery,
  • plumbing,
  • urban agriculture,
  • poultry and rabbit keeping,
  • vermiculture,
  • wine and juice making,
  • baking and confectionery,
  • art and crafts,
  • plastic and other waste recycling, etc.