Social entrepreneurship is the new way to development that is gaining international attention as the better approach to changing the world in order to make it a better place for all. Social entrepreneurs and social businesses have developed many creative solutions to address social problems in their communities. The Patsy Helm Social Business Academy has the intention to develop knowledge, appreciate and promote the role of social entrepreneurs that create social change, help scholars to understand the world around them, to inspire them to use their skills and knowledge to do business for good so as to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Scholars in our programmes gain knowledge about social entrepreneurs and how they are creating solutions to address societal problems, learn how to develop their own creative social business solutions to address problems in their society, and are empowered to see social business as a force for social change.

All programmes are designed for those who want to gain valuable tools to prepare them to make an impact on the lives of others.

Training for social transformation

Our mission is to enable any young person who wants to make meaning for him/herself in life to thrive while making their community and the rest of the world a better place to live in. Our programmes focus on training youth in skills that will not only earn them money but also help to build a better community.

Current programmes include.

Patsy Helm Social Business Academy gives unemployed school leavers, school drop-outs, and low-income women’s groups the opportunity to have their leadership, interpersonal and social entrepreneurship skills improved through four main programme tracks, namely

  1. Social Entrepreneurship Skills – equips the learners with social business skills in order to develop an understanding of social enterprise and provide them with real and practical experience in running small social businesses of their own.

  2. Life Skills training – creates a platform that aids the learning of life skills that will seek to build a good foundation for self-development, i.e. Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Financial Literacy Skills etc.
  3. Leadership Skills – young people gain skills and the knowledge necessary to manage themselves and lead others in any environment and understand the importance of this competency (that involves working in a team, decision making and managing people) as they prepare to run their social businesses and play their rightful role in their community.
  4. Vocational Skills – Provides hands-on training in various practical skills aimed at equipping the learners with the necessary knowledge and expertise to create their own jobs and support themselves, the immediate families and community to live decent lives.