The Patsy Helm Social Business Academy, (PHSBA) is a social business training initiative based in Jinja, Uganda. We enable our scholars and the wider community to start and grow socially and environmentally responsible enterprises that enhance a beneficial culture geared at delivering social impact in a society where business has traditionally focused on financial profit above all else.
We are building a model that integrates social enterprise and social investment with revenue generation, trade skills and expertise from across the public, private and third sector in order to bring forth a new breed of more socially oriented entrepreneurs working for better communities and a more socially just world.
Our primary target is the unemployed and school leaving youth of Uganda with the goal to enable any young person who wants to make meaning for him/herself in life to thrive while making their community and the rest of the world a better place to live in. Our efforts are directed at changing attitudes, teaching self-management, business mentoring, life-coaching and training in social entrepreneurship generally.
We are creating a new business culture that works for all.